Woodland Creek Orvieto was born in 2013. As you can see from the photo he carries a great deal of Excessive White Spotting (EWS), including white horns with black striping. He is the one 100% British (RSBT) ram on the Ranch. As an RSBT he is smaller than the other rams, weighing roughly 60 pounds. He has proven to be an excellent breeder, siring many colorful, white marked lambs.

Smoky Buttes Taurus was born on the ranch in 2012. Taurus represents an interesting combination of colors. He is marked Dark wild, but has a lot of black pigment throughout, giving him what I refer to as a Black Wild look. His dam (Anasazi) was Self Black and his sire (Laramie) was Light Wild with a white blaze on his face. He is the largest ram on the ranch, a nice calm Alpha ram. He has sired lambs of virtually every color possibility, including Self Light.

Smoky Buttes Walnut was the second ram lamb born on the ranch, in 2011. He is a son of the patriarch; Montana and daughter of Cedar Brook Nisqually. He is Self Black with recessive Light Phase in his makeup. He has the best horns on the Ranch. He is a proven breeder, although we have yet to see one of his Son’s carry forward those incredible horns.

Teed’s Montana ’05 was the foundation ram in the original group of Soays that arrived on the ranch in the fall of 2010. He was a Light Wild ram that carried a great deal of black pigment, including a black mane. He was the primary breeder for the first three years on the ranch and produced many wonderful lambs. He was a calm, gentle alpha ram; one of the things that made the initial venture into Soays so enjoyable. He passed February 2013.

Bismark is a Son of Taurus and Caldera, born in 2017. He is a self black ram with lots of white on his face and neck. He is growing a beautiful black and white mane. He has developed into a big ram with excellent confirmation. His horns are really getting big and wide, showing some white striping. An updated picture will be posted very soon!

Boise is a 2017 ram (twin) out of Blaze and Georgianna. He is Light Wild with a white wisp on his head. He is likely recessive for SCLP. He started small, but has developed into a big blocky ram, with beautiful wide horns. He got his first turn in the breeding pens in the Fall of 2018. We are looking forward to seeing his first lambs.