Georgiana | Soay Sheep

Skylonda Georgiana ’07 was part of the original Soay purchase. She is a nice sized, Light Wild colored ewe. She has a calm disposition and produces beautiful Light Wild lambs. She has been a contributor to the Light Wild flock here on the ranch, delivering twins each of the last five years.

Geege | Soay Ewe

Skylonda Geege ‘07 is another of the original purchase. She is a nice sized, Light Wild colored ewe. The Skylonda ewes show great conformation. She has tape on her horn so I can tell her from Georgiana. She has been very productive since her arrival, producing twins in 4 of her 8 years here. Both of these Skylonda girls are staying in great shape at 10+ years of age.

Caldera | Soay Ewe

Woodland Creek Caldera ’11 was purchased in 2013. She is Self Black with some white markings on her face. She consistently produced thick, sturdy lambs; twinning in 2015, 2017 and 2108.

Mickey | Soay Ewe

Woodland Creek Mickey ’11 was purchased in 2013. She is Self Black. She is a small nimble ewe, a bit stand offish. She has produced twin lambs three times.

Aries | Soay Ewe

Smoky Buttes Aries was born here on the ranch in 2012. She is the daughter of Dakotah (Black) and Almond (Light Wild). She is Dark Wild with lots of black and red pigment, a coloration I refer to as Mahogany. She is recessive for Light and for Self. She is the largest ewe on the ranch. She produces large lambs as well – including 3 SCLP lambs from 2 different rams.

Arapahoe | Soay Ewe

Smoky Buttes Arapahoe was born here on the ranch in 2013. She is the daughter of Montana and Georgianna. She is Light Wild with lots of red. She has a distinctive, beautiful straight fleece.

Amethyst | Soay Ewe

Amethyst is the daughter of Ish and Indigo. She was born in 2014. She has the double recessive, SCLP coloration with nice wide horns. She has been a effective breeder producing SCLP ram lambs two different years.

Jade | Soay Ewe

Jade is the Daughter of Dakotah and Pistol. She was born in 2014. Jade is a pretty average looking, Dark Wild ewe. However, in four matings with Orveito she has produced lambs with very interesting white markings, including Chickadee and Trooper.

Quail | Soay Ewe

Quail is the daughter of Taurus and Mickey. She was a twin, born in 2015. She is Light Wild with a large white blaze, extending behind her head. In spite of her blonde fleece, she is recessive for Self Black as both parents carry the Black gene. She produces colorful lambs with white markings.

Chickadee | Soay Ewe

Chickadee is the daughter of Orvieto and Jade. She was born in 2105. She has the excessive white spotting (EWS) of her sire. In 2017 she produced one of the more uniquely colored ram lambs born here on the Ranch. He was light gray with a great deal of white – as he has matured he has darkened considerably. They made a striking pair in the pasture.

Soay Sheep Icon

Soay’s are very hardy. Ewes are used to birthing their lambs unassisted, essentially having been left to fend for themselves for 100’s of years on the rugged cliffs of Soay Island off the cost of Scotland.