Soay Sheep For Sale

We have stabilized our flock size to around 25 breeding ewes, so every Spring we look forward to the arrival of around 30 beautiful Soay lambs. This means every year after selecting for future breeders and processing some of the rams for meat, we have around 20 sheep to sell. These are all healthy North American Soay, with all the color variations represented. We have the standard Dark Wild ewes and rams, Light Wild (blonde) ewes and rams, a few Self Black ewes and rams and an occasional Self Light (chocolate) ewe or ram. There is getting to be a fair amount of white spotting represented, as well.

If you need a couple of sheep to add some color to your flock, or want a nice starter flock, I generally will have the sheep you need.

I may be able to assist you with delivery arrangements. We do have trailer capable of transporting up to 12 sheep comfortably, at one time. We can also put you in contact with a national shipper. We try to avoid shipping late-term pregnant ewes or ewes with young lambs (February through May).

Want to learn more about our Rams and Ewes? Visit our Rams or Ewes breed pages for galleries and information.

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Soay are seasonal breeders, generally breeding in the Fall and lambing five months later, in the Spring.