About Us

Where Heritage Means Everything

Growing up on a farm in South Dakota, Matt Hemmer developed a passion for raising livestock. When he was 11 years old his father made a career change and moved to the family to Kansas. After 40 years Matt finally made his way back to the farm where he finds himself drawn to the rare, unique and unusual. As he became more serious about his hobby he chose to take it to the next level and begin the work of restoring several heritage breeds. His goal is to increase their numbers and take them back to their former productive status – to a time when each of the breeds had to earn their keep on the farm. Matt is a firm believer in the adage “you have to eat them to save them” therefore he is not only raising heritage animals but producing high quality food.

Today Smoky Buttes Ranch raises, Soay sheep, Salmon Faverolles chickens, Welsummer chickens, Smoky Blue chickens, Erminette chickens, plus two new projects Wagyu cattle and  Red Erminette chickens. Soay lambs are available all year. Baby chicks are available throughout the spring, with limited offerings in the fall. There are started pullets for sale through the summer. High quality chicken and lamb products (eggs and meat) are available on-farm or through our local outlets.

Local Outlets

Please look at our breed pages for more information or contact Matt with any questions you have.